The Institute of Financial Operations is a non-profit, membership-based professional association serving the financial operations ecosystem, with a particular focus on the accounts payable discipline. The Institute grew out of the merger of four associations: International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP), International Accounts Receivable Professionals (IARP), the National Association of Purchasing and Payables (NAPP), and The Association for Work Process Improvement (TAWPI).
Based in Orlando, FL, with affiliates in the U.S., and Canada, The Institute serves as a global voice, chief advocate, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, and principal educator for people in financial operations. The Institute has a community of nearly 50,000, which includes over 9,000 members and customers, and an additional 41,000 financial operations professionals. The Institute’s members have access to benefits and leading-edge resources such as a dynamic content-rich website, educational and networking events, online educational offerings, certification and certificate programs, career resources, and volunteer opportunities.

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Card: How to Create a Win-Win for You and Your SuppliersLets face it. Suppliers are critical to your business. Card products are expanding with new e -procurement tools. But, you need to understand when cards work and when they do not…
2 to 3 p.m. EDTWebinar
Accounts Payable Transformation: “Chipping” Away at Invoice Automation SuccessThis presentation will focus on Shearer’s Foods and their agile approach to Invoice Automation.
Shearer’s has a national footprint of production facilities for greater supply chain, production, and shipping efficiencies. Both their corporate headquarters and distribution center are located in Massillon, Ohio along with the Accounts Payable Processing Center….
2 to 3 p.m. EDTWebinar
Managing B Notices – Don’t Let B Notices Manage You!This session will cover how to review your records to determine solicitation requirements,
how to collect TINs from payees, how to know which is a first B Notice versus a second and how
requirements differ, and how to request penalty abatement for filing returns with missing or
incorrect name / TIN combinations.
2 to 3 p.m. EDTWebinar