AP Recognition Week

You and your team have been working hard all year! Now it is time to celebrate your accomplishments and be recognized! Join The Institute of Financial Operations in the largest celebration of professional dedication, drive, and accomplishments for accounts payable departments around the country. Look below for some items available for purchase.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your celebration and send them to apweek@financialops.org. Congratulations on you and your accomplishments!

“Epic Team” Posters
Thank You Card
“Epic Team” Tote Bag
“Epic Team” Key Chain
“Thanks for Being EpIc” Hand Wipes
“Thanks for Being EpIc” Notebook and Pen

Celebrated the second week of October, AP Recognition Week is organized annually by The Institute of Financial Operations to honor the men and women in Accounts Payable and their dedication, drive, and accomplishments as financial operations professionals.

Throughout the US and Canada, AP Recognition week is celebrated by members and customers of The Institute with lunches, award ceremonies, special events, games, gift exchanges, etc. We encourage Account Payable Professionals from all industries to participate by showing appreciation to their employees and colleagues. As AP Recognition Week approaches, you will be able to find posters and other themed recognition items in the Online Store to help make the week more special. 

2021 Recognition Week: October 4-8

View pictures, statements, and themes from past AP Recognition Celebrations:

If you have questions about AP Recognition Week or would like to submit your AP Week Celebration Stories, email apweek@financialops.org.