CAPP or CAPA certificants may retain their designation throughout their careers by adhering to The Institute of Financial Operations certification renewal requirements. At the end of the initial certification cycle, and each subsequent two-year cycle, certification renewal is possible for those certificants who have completed the following:

Attained 25 or more CPE credits*Attained 40 or more CPE credits*
Agree to abide by the Code of EthicsAgree to abide by the Code of Ethics
Paid applicable certification renewal fees  Paid applicable certification renewal fees
*CAPA certificants who attain more than 25 credits and CAPP certificants who attain more
than 40 credits in a two-year cycle cannot use the additional credits earned for a subsequent two-year term.
  1. Certificants are required to maintain their knowledge and skills in accounts payable practices through a self-certification process that includes the completion and reporting of required continuing education credits on a bi-annual basis. Submitted forms serve as signed statements that all applicable continuing education requirements have been met.
  2. The initial certification renewal will be due the first June 30th following two years after originally passing the exam. Subsequent certification renewal will be due every two years on June 30th of the reporting year.
  3. Certificants may also retake the certification exams in order to attain certification renewal. Full exam fees will apply in lieu of any applicable certification renewal fees.
  4. Certificants who do not renew their certification by the due date will be able to renew during the late renewal period with respective late fees. The late renewal period is July 1st through September 30th.
  5. If renewal is not completed within the 90 day late renewal period, the certificant’s designation will be terminated. Individuals may submit a certification appeal to be submitted to The Institute’s Certification Committee for reinstatement consideration.