When you’re ready to make a statement about your stature as a skilled and polished accounts payable professional, then it’s time to get certified.

The CAPA (Certified Accounts Payable Associate) and CAPP (Certified Accounts Payable Professional) certifications from The Institute of Financial Operations are recognized by department heads and hiring managers as the pre-eminent designations for AP professionals. Those four letters clearly distinguish designees as AP professionals with the knowledge, the skill and the commitment to excel at their jobs, and as leaders in the profession.

Sitting for the exam to qualify as a top professional in accounts payable through The Institute has never been more convenient. Although the CAPP and CAPA exams remain the most stringent in the business, because of the level of knowledge required to pass them, a new IFO program will allow you to take the exam in the comfort and privacy of your own workspace. The IFO is proud to announce the launch of OLP, or online proctoring. Webcam proctoring allows registrants to test at their convenience while ensuring the integrity of the certification programs by using real-time monitoring with remote Kryterion Certified Proctors.

Higher standards. The highest respect.

Both the CAPP and CAPA exams were developed using the highest nationally recognized standards for certification assessment and evaluation and are the most reliable and verifiable means to measure the competency skills of AP professionals.

Employers can be assured that CAPP or CAPA designees have mastered the skills required to be successful in any AP environment.

Hundreds of organizations recognize the value of certification, including Baylor Healthcare Systems, Defense Accounting and Finance Service, Genentech, General Motors, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Quest Diagnostics, T-Mobile, Wal-Mart Stores, Yale University, etc. 

Elements of CAPP and CAPA Certification

  • Consistently demonstrate strong ethical/moral behavior
  • Apply, and be approved, to take the CAPP or CAPA certification exam
    • Provide employment verification
    • Meet and provide proof of specified education/experience criteria
  • Agree to uphold the Code of Ethics

How do I register?

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How do I maintain my certification?

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