Past AP Week Celebrations

Thank you to all of the amazing Accounts Payable teams out there who keep businesses running smoothly every single day. The Institute is proud to play a part in honoring your contribution to the profession.  Keep up the great work!

Take a look at how your peers have celebrated AP Recognition Week in the past:

HealthPartners had an awesome week! We took the theme “You Rock” to a Rock n Roll theme. We had to kick off the week with a 50s themed breakfast from Dunkin Donuts and they decorated the donuts with the same theme! We had a Rock n Roll Artist Name Scramble to win prizes and various snacks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s throughout the week including Thank You cards with the “You Rock” rock gift. To end our week, we invited the staff to a Rock n Roll Party using a concert ticket where we served lunch and provided the supplies to make tie-dyed shirts. We decorated the room with albums and had CDs playing music. Everyone had a lot of fun! 

HealthPartners, 2018

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation had so much fun with the week! Leading up to October 8th, the sent out daily emails to the AP team with pictures of rocks. I painted the rocks and each member fo our team got a gift pack, which included the “I Rock, You Rock, We Rock” notebooks, a painted rock and 2 gift items that were sent by our pension plan provider. They continued their celebration with Taco Dip Tuesday. On Wednesday, there was a trivia contest with questions about their workplace, their department and their pension plan. On Thursday, they played “Where’s Ryan?” (similar to “Where’s Waldo?”) with 10 pictures of their boss posted throughout the building. Team members won money (with the boss’s picture shown below) for Wednesday and Thursday games to be used at their auction on Friday. On Friday, their boss supplied a pizza lunch and they used their earned money at an auction to buy wrapped gifts such as a desk calendar, lottery tickets, coffee shop gift card, etc.Everyone had a lot of fun and they are displaying their rocks on their desks. It was definitely a great team-building exercise.

Mohawk Medbuy Corporation, 2018

We had a good AP Recognition week! On Tuesday, the team received flowers and a “You Rock” balloon. On Wednesday, they celebrated with a bagel breakfast. On Thursday, they each received a box of “Thank You” chocolates. They finished the celebration on Friday by taking the team to lunch at a local Italian restaurant. 

Eisai Inc., 2018

The Americold Corporate AP team celebrated with several activities including a photo scavenger hunt, team building activities, jackets for all, and of course FOOD!  Thank you to the entire team for their efforts throughout the year.

Americold, 2017

We started the week out with breakfast at Chick-fil-A, goodie bags mid week and ended the week with a special luncheon at Longhorn’s.  We presented each employee with a journal and pen set that says “I’m crazy good at what I do” along with a thank you card. I surprised all my employees by granting them an additional day of vacation in appreciation for all they do.  I’m so thankful for my AP team at J M Huber Corporation.  They are the true meaning of “AP Awesome.”

J.M. Huber Corporation, 2016