Proposal Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established for submission of proposals for new store products. Proposals should not exceed five pages; exclusive of appendices described below, and should contain the following basic elements: 

1.   A one-paragraph abstract, summarizing:
       a.  the product outline
       b.  the resources needed
       c.  how AP, AR, automation, and/or P2P professionals can use the

2.    Project description including:
        a.   Proposed title 
        b.   Project objectives 
        c.   A statement of why the product is needed by the marketplace 
        d.   A statement of intended audience and typical user profile 
        e.   A statement of what problems does this product solve 
        f.    Proposed table of contents 
        g.   A statement of expected deliverables (manuscript, tools,
              checklists, etc.) 
        h.   Review of competitors works and how this product differs 
        i.    Identification of proposed author team members (if necessary)
              including a brief description of their role. 
        j.    A review of author’s previous works if applicable (books,
              articles, etc.) 
        k.   Itemized timeline and budget, including budget rationale
        l.    Appendixes: 
              i.    An appendix containing proposed interview 
                   questions/guidelines, and survey, if applicable.
              ii.   Curriculum vitae (CV) for each author (3 pages maximum) 
              iii.  Previous author affiliation with The Institute (if any)

Submit proposals* and questions  via e-mail to:

*Proposals are submitted to The Institute’s Product Review Council for review and consideration.