Here is some feedback from our valued members and customers regarding their membership  and/or certification with The Institute of Financial Operations. We invite you to submit your own comments and feedback

Our accounts payable department has been transformed from a paper-based, clerical organization to an electronic, analytical organization. We implemented several new technology ideas that were born at The Institute’s Annual Forum. 

Donna Jenkins, CAPP
Director, Disbursement and Receivable Services
Delta Air Lines, Inc.

As soon as I heard of The Institute of Financial Operations, I joined! The networking has been invaluable and the wealth of information available from my peers across the nation and the world is amazing. The CAPP designation helped me upgrade my position from manager to director. My entire department has benefited from the membership. 

Patricia Druschat, CAPP
Corporate Director Accounts Payable
Baptist Health South Florida

I have been a member of The Institute for the last nine years now. I became a member largely due to my local chapter, where I held the president position. If you would ask me what the benefits of becoming a member are, I would say ‘They are numerous!’ As a senior manager in procure-to-pay, The Institute has helped me transform what is today one of the most efficient and low-cost departments in the high-tech industry. Thank you very much. I don’t know what I would do without you guys! 

Mike Arias
Senior Manager, Procure to Pay
TIBCO Software Inc.

The Institute is an anchor for accounts payable and other financial operations professionals. The information and resources are up-to-date and relevant. The organization provides connectivity to others in the profession and also partners with companies to provide added resources. 

Gladstone McLean, CAPP
Manager, Accounts Payable Unit
Corporate Controllers Operations
The Hartford

In the business world, we are asked to make decisions and provide advice based upon our expertise. In some cases that expertise is limited to what we have learned within the current organization that we work for. The Institute has helped me to broaden my knowledge base with benchmarking, networking, and knowledge that provides me with essential personal and career development. And, companies are looking for leaders who can bring efficiency, best practice, and automation skills to the table. I acquired my current employment through automation projects developed with contacts and knowledge base from The Institute’s conferences and website. The Institute of Financial Operations is truly an organization where members help members. 

Michael Clark
Accounts Payable Manager
Southwest Airlines

Joining The Institute has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career! Obtaining the CAPP certification has opened doors for my career growth and increased earnings, not to mention the study materials have become a valuable source of information for my department. I have also been able to establish a network of colleagues, many of them in my same industry, where we get together at the Annual Forum to benchmark, share ideas, and learn from each other! 

Jeffrey Miller, CAPP
Campbell Soup Company

I have been in the accounts payable profession for many years. Finding The Institute of Financial Operations has given me the networking opportunities to obtain the information necessary to enhance processes and ensure our organization is performing best practice procedures – ultimately resulting in an efficient operation. 

Beverly Rice, CAPP
Assistant Manager
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

I joined The Institute to be part of the largest organization of people sharing in my profession. It has been a great source of information and has allowed me to build a network of contacts that have enabled me to get answers and suggestions for various problems I have encountered over the years. 

Arnetta Manhart, CAPP
Accounts Payable Manager
Nestlé USA

Almost all of our Accounts Payable associates are now CAPA or CAPP certified, and we are setting a goal for new associates as they come in to become certified by the end of their first year.  Not only was this a notable accomplishment for the department (and raised the performance bar), it was also a great team building event!  

Jennifer Purvis
Manager, Accounts Payable & Fixed Assets
Raymond James & Associates

…. we are once again raising the bar by beginning the process of certifying all our field audit team. Business Strategy has established a group membership and group certification program with IFO. As of August 2009 we will be updating our requirement so every member of our field operations audit staff holds either a CAPA or CAPP certification based on current level of responsibility. Several of our Supervisors and Managers already hold this certification and will need to maintain certification in order to meet our company goals. We believe this not only provides growth for our associates but also clearly distinguishes us an industry leader.  

Dan Geelhoed, CAPP
President & COO
Business Strategy, Inc.

What an amazing sense of validation I felt when I found out I had successfully passed my test and was now CAPA certified! After 20 years of being in Accounting this was my first certification and my first step on the road to furthering my education. I am lucky to work for an organization that feels strongly about its employees setting goals such as this, working to attain them, and then recognizing them for their efforts. Being CAPA certified adds a higher level of professionalism to my resume, raises my marketability, and makes my efforts at attaining individual growth transparent. I am now dedicated to taking the next step and becoming CAPP certified! And I will be challenging my employees to follow in my footsteps…  

Pegie Hunter, CAPA
Accounts Payable Supervisor

 As an adult learner, I was told that committing to obtaining additional education – and succeeding in that goal – was as important as the goal itself. I believe this is equally true with professional certifications. To commit to the goal, to work through the challenges, to obtain recognition for your dedication to your chosen profession, is both admirable and to be rewarded. My expectation is that 100% of my staff will hold the professional certification that is applicable to their discipline. And my belief started within my own career and with The Institute of Financial Operations.  

Lorraine E. Creek, CAPP
Assistant Director
Regence BlueCross BlueShield

 After I helped to secure an orderly shutdown and liquidation at [a company] due to their bankruptcy, I faced the dreaded searching for a new career in a very bad job market. My CAPP designation and IFO Oregon Chapter affiliation proved invaluable. Over a period of several months, fellow chapter members advised me of various AP management positions. Each position carried a stipulation of “AP certification desired” or “AP certification required”. Before accepting my current position as Manager of Accounts Payable at Legacy Health System, I had been offered three different management positions with well regarded companies! I firmly believe these offers occurred not only because of my professional experience but also because of my CAPP designation…The CAPP designation is held in high regard throughout the business arena in the United States.  

Joyce Larkins, CAPP
Accounts Payable Manager
Legacy Health System