Tools and Templates

Financial operations professionals may use these tools and templates to create customized and standardized corporate documents for their internal processes. 

Note:  All items within this section should be reviewed for appropriateness and modified as required to ensure they meet with internal company and department guidelines and standards.

Check out the list of Tools & Templates available and let us know which one(s) you’d like for us to send to you:

1099 Checklist
Accounting Department Master Checklist
Accounts Payable Analyst Job Description
Accounts Payable Associate Job Description
Accounts Payable Business Case Template
Accounts Payable Cost-Volume Calculator
Accounts Payable Director Job Description
Accounts Payable Lead Associate Job Description
Accounts Payable Manager Job Description
Accounts Payable Purchasing Card RFP
Accounts Payable Recovery Audit RFP
Accounts Payable Specialist Job Description
Accounts Payable Supervisor Job Description
Accounts Receivable Subledger
ACH Enrollment Form
ACH Enrollment-Cancellation Letter
Aged AR Report
Capital Budgeting ROI
Chargeback Rate Development Worksheet
Check Control Log
Check Inquiry-Request for Stop Payment Form
Facility Implementation Checklist
Financial Accounting Software RFP
First B Notice Letter
Foreign National Honorarium Payment Checklist
Form 1099 Compliance Self-Assessment
Interview Questions to Consider
Interview Tips for the Interviewer
Invoice for Repayment of Short Pay Three Way Match
Invoice Processing Task List
IRC Section 3402(t) Initial Government Letter
IRC Section 3402(t) Presentation
IRC Section 3402(t) Secondary Government Letter
Job Offer Letter
Job Rejection Letter
Manual Invoice Coding Form
Performance Review Tips
Signature Authorization Form
Signature Card Form
T&E Allowable Expense Form