Value of Certification

Achieving the CAPP or CAPA certification clearly conveys that you possess the expertise and skills to succeed in today’s fast-paced AP environment. And the hard work it takes to earn these designations results in valuable benefits.

Earning your CAPP or CAPA certification:

  • Demonstrates your proficiency in the profession
  • Validates your qualifications
  • Prepares you to adapt to professional challenges
  • Sharpen your skills through continuing professional education requirements
  • Provides a personal sense of accomplishment

Holding the CAPP or CAPA certification:

  • Distinguishes you from your peers
  • Gives you professional credibility
  • Earns you recognition within the workplace
  • Establishes you as a leader who demonstrates the highest standards of conduct 

Maintaining the CAPP or CAPA certification:

  • Offer you increased earning potential
  • Strengthen your marketability
  • Provide you with greater job mobility 
  • Continuously revalidate your knowledge and expertise
  • Grant you the fulfillment of ongoing successes