Policies and Procedures

These documents provide basic information that should be included when developing an organized and integrated structure for formalized policies and standard operating procedures.

Policies and procedures define and classify how a department should function and be administered. They exist to ensure the rules and methods of conducting tasks are clearly and uniformly communicated. When combined with a vision and strategic plan, these documents can create the foundation for a strong and successful operation.

Note: All items within this section should be reviewed for appropriateness and modified as required to ensure they meet with internal company and department guidelines and standards.

Check out the list of Policies & Procedures  available and let us know which one(s) you’d like for us to send to you:

Budgeting Process  
Check Disbursement Policy  
Code of Ethics Policy  
Credits and Return Policy  
Disaster Recovery Plan Manual  
Discounts and Rebates Policy  
Expense Reimbursement Policy  
Hurricane Policy  
Invoice Number Entry Standards  
Invoice Processing Internal Control Policy  
Month End Close Policy  
Non-Purchase Order Policy  
P-Card Policy  
Prepayment Policy  
Purchase Order Policy  
Purchasing Policy  
Quality Policy  
Reconciliation Policy  
Refund Policy  
Time and Material and Fixed Rate Contracts  
Travel and Entertainment Code of Conduct  
Travel and Entertainment Manual  
Travel and Entertainment Policy  
Travel Policy  
VAT Reclamation  
Vendor Naming Standards  
Wire Transfer Policy  
Write Off Process Roles and Responsibilities  
Wrong Vendor Payment Policy